To all new White House Boys or inquiries about my sites:

In August 17 2017 I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer which is a 90%+ killer. It will kill you in four weeks. By the time it is diagnosed it is too late and you are just sent to hospice to die. It was found in me by sheer accident while running a CT scan for something else. I was rushed to St Joe's Hospital in Tampa within an hour and the “Whipple Operation” preformed the next day. It is one of the most brutal operations a person can face. They take out part of your Pancreas, take out your gall bladder and re-route your intestines. Two days after the operation I had a code red which means you are dying. I survived that but spent 12 days on ice chips and hot tea. I just completed 2.5 months of chemo and now have started radiation and chemo for 50 days, a treatment every day. My doctor said drop everything and concentrate on getting well and follow my instructions and you will have a chance. This I am going to do. Something is going out in a bag and I'm not the quitting type. I am not in any shape to help anyone at the moment but have left this information as to where to get help from. I will not be taking phone calls or email as this is a 24 hour a day fight to the death. This thing is like something that has a brain of its own, it will attack every part of your body to wear you down, it wants you to give up from exhaustion and then it wins. This is how my radiation doctor described it to me and that is exactly what it does. I was lucky enough to be one of the original WHB and to see this Dozier saga through to the end, monuments at the Capital and Dozier grounds and the WhiteHouse and Boot Hill to stand. It took many hands to bring this dark piece of history to light and a righteous ending for families who had their boys returned after decades of silence.  Good luck, R. Straley


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The State of Florida is now requiring each White House Boys to provide proof of his time at Dozier. 

Call The Florida State Archives:  850-245-6700

Ask for your location in the Student Ledger

Phone number and picture ID is required.

If possible find your name in the yellow Jackets which may be found:



​​CLICK THIS LINK:                     SB-1780 2018 Filed By Senator Rouson

​Within this bill are the instructions in detail. For your convenience here is the detailed part, however I would suggest reading from the bill in its entirety. 

89  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida: 90 91 Section 1.

(1) This act may be known and cited as the 92 “Arthur G. Dozier School and Okeechobee School Abuse Victim 93 Certification Act.”

94 (2) As used in this act, the term “victim of Florida reform 95 school abuse” means a living person who was confined at the 96 Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys or the Okeechobee School at any 97 time between 1940 and 1975 and who was subjected to physical or 98 sexual abuse perpetrated by personnel of the school during the 99 period of confinement.

100 (3)(a) A person seeking to be certified as a victim of 101 Florida reform school abuse must submit an application to the 102 Department of Juvenile Justice no later than October 1, 2018. 103 The estate of a decedent or the personal representative for a 104 decedent may not submit an application on behalf of the 105 decedent.

106 (b) The application must include: 107 1. An affidavit stating that the applicant was confined at 108 the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys or the Okeechobee School, 109 the beginning and ending dates of the confinement, and that the 110 applicant was subjected to physical or sexual abuse perpetrated 111 by school personnel during the confinement;

112 2. Documentation from the State Archives of Florida, the 113 Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys, or the Okeechobee School which 114 shows that the applicant was confined at the schools for any 115 length of time between 1940 and 1975; and

116 3. Positive proof of identification, including a current 117 form of photo identification.

118 (c) Within 30 calendar days after receipt of an 119 application, the Department of Juvenile Justice shall examine 120 the application and notify the applicant of any errors or 121 omissions or request any additional information relevant to the 122 review of the application. The applicant has 15 calendar days 123 after receiving such notification to complete the application by 124 correcting any errors or omissions or submitting any additional 125 information requested by the department. The department shall 126 review and process each completed application within 90 calendar 127 days after receipt of the application.

128 (d) The Department of Juvenile Justice may not deny an 129 application due to the applicant failing to correct an error or 130 omission or failing to submit additional information the 131 department requested unless the department timely notified the 132 applicant of such error or omission or timely requested 133 additional information as provided in paragraph (c).

134 (e) The Department of Juvenile Justice shall notify the 135 applicant of its determination within 5 business days after 136 processing and reviewing the application. If the department 137 determines that an application meets the requirements of this 138 act, the department must certify the applicant as a victim of 139 Florida reform school abuse.

140 (f) No later than March 1, 2019, the Department of Juvenile 141 Justice must process and review all applications that were 142 submitted by October 1, 2018, and must submit a list of all 143 certified victims to the President of the Senate and the Speaker 144 of the House of Representatives. 145 Section 2. This act shall take effect upon becoming a law.