A Letter By Michael O'McCarthy On Evidence of Medical Experimentations 

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It is knowledge known to the Florida Attorney General's Office provided to it by its client, alleged child torturer and sexual predator, ex-prison employee Troy Tidwell in his deposition last yea


1 said that was there was Mr. Curry and Dr. Sousa. 
2 A Yeah. 
3 Q Dr. Sousa was a psychiatrist? 
4 A He had a little office I think up at Pierce 
5 Hall, and -- 
6 Q That's before -- 
7 A -- he was a psychiatrist. 
8 Q Was that before Pierce Hall was used for 
9 solitary confinement? 
10 A It was all built for a cottage and the 
11 lockups. And then up front it had a lobby up 
12 there. And I think Dr. Sousa had a little office up 
13 there. I never did go in his office up there but -- 
14 Q But was his office located in the building 
15 at the time that it was being used for solitary 
16 confinement? 
17 A Yes. 
18 Q So you had a psychiatrist in the solitary 
19 confinement facility. 
20 A Yeah. 
21 Q And did Dr. Sousa prescribe drugs for the 
22 children? Did he medicate kids? 
23 A Not drugs to my knowledge. But soup, 
24 special soup made up for the boys. 
25 Q What does that mean special soup? 
1 A I don't know. 
2 Q Was it special soup that would change their 
3 conduct, was it some kind of soup that had -- 
4 A Well, it -- 
5 Q -- medication in it? 
6 A It seemed to help those who had problems. 
7 Q Where would one be fed the soup? Where did 
8 he give these boys soup? 
9 A I'm -- I would think it was at his office. 
10 I don't -- I'm not positive on that. 
11 Q I think we're on a different wavelength. 
12 When you said soup, I'm envisioning somebody being 
13 served a bowl and eating soup. Is that what we're 
14 talking about? 
15 A Yeah. 
16 Q So he would give them, is it a fair term, 
17 spiked soup, that had something in it? 
18 A I don't know that. But whatever it was, it 
19 was supposed to help their behavior, is one of the 
20 things that I was told. 
21 Q And did it change their behavior? 
22 A I don't know. 
23 Q Do you know who it was that got the soup? 
24 A No. 
25 Q How did you even learn that the soup was 
... being given to boys? 
2 A Discussion among the staff. 
3 Q Tell me about the discussion. What they 
4 were saying about -- 
5 A Just kind of laughing and talking about 
6 that soup that Dr. Sousa was giving the boys. 
7 Q So Dr. Sousa was the psychiatrist that 
8 other than soup, you're unaware of any 
9 medications -- 
10 A No. 
11 Q -- he was giving boys? 
12 A No 

No person knows what was in that soup. Dr. Luis Souza who studied with Dr. Sigfried in Vienna, who at some point lived in Uruguay, South America and then relocated to the USA and took a job as Psychiatrist at the Florida School for Boys in Marianna, Florida. There he conducted experiments using an unknown, untested and unsanctioned drug he called "Souza Soup" This was ingested by several thousand boys at this institution over a period of years. The fact is that during this period inmates and prisoners were subject to castration, electro shock treatment, lobotomies, LSD and other drugs and treatments that were simply sophisticated forms of cruel and inhumane treatment. 

It is now time to acknowledge the truth, provide redress to the hundreds of now men who were treated as less than human, and do whatever is necessary and honorable in making us and our families whole again. This means the legislature and the Governor must now act in behalf of the people of the state and stop hiding behind a the cruel facade of powerlessness and bureaucratic cowardice. 

It certainly time for their Governor to stop forward and lead. His reputation as a man of integrity and empathy is being dragged down by the agencies he committed to uncover the truth. If he continues to remain passive in the face of yet another governmental disgrace his moral position in his campaign for U.S. Senate will reflect the kind of stand he will take regarding human rights and U.S. foreign policy. 

(*Evidence of Souza's Mengle-like (*) practices (as noted on our news page,) were reported by JOY REESE SHAW in her Miami Herald article: circa 1964 

*Dr. Joseph Mengle, also known as the Angel of Death, was a Nazi concentration camp doctor who performed varying, inhumane, torturous acts on captives (primarily condemned Jews,) during the reign of Hitler's Aryan Third Reich during the 1940's.) 


Quoted from the Transcript from: "Patterns of Delinquency" One of a series by Joy Reese Shaw Herald Staff Writer. 

Here are the methods that Dr. Luis Souza used to evaluate an inmate. 

Basically, his theory is that in many instances the blood does not transport sufficient oxygen to the blood cells and behavioral disorders developed. Dr. Luis Souza gives to boys whose behavior indicates they need help, a neurological examination, laboratory studies and electro-encephalograph. He establishes normal oxygen capacity transmission at 9.5. When he finds it less than 7.5 he puts the youth under treatment. Souza's "Soup" was a specially prepared mixture of concentrated protein prepared from red bone marrow. Each child receives eight ounces a day. Of 2,200 boys tested 1,800 showed the problem and 70% improved with treatment. The critical age is 11-21 and diet control management. Dr. Luis Souza worked in Vienna with German Psychiatrist Dr.Sigfried Krunner....who pioneered in Ultra Sonic Sound Therapy and in the research of "light" protein associated with mental impairment due to the low gasometric capacity of the hemoglobin. 

Excited about the finding Dr. Luis Souza has continued research in the same field, concentrating on the juvenile offender. Basically, his theory is that in many instances the blood does not transport sufficient oxygen to the blood cells and behavioral disorders developed. 

When kids do not get enough protein, the hemoglobin falls down and the brain cells do not receive enough oxygen, he pointed out. 

"Many children do not eat properly," he stated. 

His answer: "Souza's Soup"..... a specially prepared mixture of concentrated protein prepared from red bone marrow. Each child under treatment receives eight ounces a day. 

Of 2,200 boys tested, he said, 1,800 showed the problem.....and 70 percent improved with treatment. 

"The critical age is 11-21 and diet control management in correctional institutions." 

End Joy Reese Shaw document 

COMMENTS: R. Straley 
I talked to Ellen at the Federal Food & Drug Administration on 2/17/2010. She verified that a homemade remedy by a doctor, employed by the state of Florida, that doctor would not have been allowed to pass out any self made drug in any form, that it would have been illegal then and is illegal today. She stated that not even a drug approved for testing would have been used on juveniles in an institutional setting. 

Basically, Dr. Souza, had a theory that diet may cause the blood to transport insufficient oxygen to the blood cells causing behavioral disorders and there by creating juvenile delinquency. This is not a medical fact, this is pure speculation by a physician not qualified to test such a theory on human subjects. This was gross negligence on the part of the Officials of the Institution and the State of Florida. As stated in the article in his own words, up to 1800 (or more) boys were forced to ingest an unknown, unapproved and untested drug while at the school. Note that Dr. Sigfried Krunner worked in the "research" of light protein and Dr. Luis Souza continued his "research" in the same field. The boys may as well have been lab animals. "Research" is a process done in the lab and a "theory" does not warrant human testing.