The 'White House Boys': a Florida horror story  Oct 10, 2017
By Emily Michot and Candace Barbot  CLICK THIS LINK FOR VIDEO


Dozier victims measure moves forward  By News Service of Florida

From Jon Jefferson Bass:‚Äč HAUNTING NEW SONG ABOUT DOZIER BOYS - Written and sung by Tallahassee singer/songwriter George Gray - and inspired by our novel THE BONE YARD! Click the link to listen. Very powerful

Inside Florida's first body farm By Andrew Lofholm WPTV-5

How Christian Reform Schools Get Away with Brutal Child Abuse
By Nile Cappelloi  
llustrated by Lia Kantrowitz

A bust, DNA sample, and answer to 40-year-old Tampa cold case 
By Tamara Lush, Associated Press
Published: October 9, 2017