House apologizes for Dozier School abuses  Lloyd Dunkelberger, The News Service of Florida

'Cold case' murder victims get dragged into budget controversy By Steve Bousquet Times/Herald Tallahassee Bureau

Florida legislators formally apologize for past misdeeds By BRENDAN FARRINGTON, Associated Press

Re-burying Our Children 

By Scott C. Paine, PhD


Florida apologizes for Dozier school abuse of juveniles By Lloyd Dunkelberger, News Service of Florida

Abuse at Dozier school ruined local family By Kevin Bouffard / The Ledger 

Lawmakers approve Dozier memorials By News Service of Florida

5/8/17 Press Conference on Dozier Boys On The Florida Channel   GO TO THIS URL


Senate apologizes for Dozier School abuse By Lloyd Dunkelberger
News Service of Florida/ Miami Herald

Dozier apology gets Senate backing By News Service of Florida

Florida Senate apologizes for decades of reform school abuse By Brendan Farrington, Associated Press

Apology for Dozier victims clears Legislature By Jeremy Wallace  Times/Herald Tallahassee

A Formal Apology Long Overdue By Chris Anderson 

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Florida House apologizes for Dozier School for Boys abuses By Lloyd Dunkelberger   News Service of Florida

Apology for Dozier students proposed in Florida bill By Troy Kinsey, Capitol Bureau Reporter