From Left: Dick Colon, Michael O'McCarthy, Roger Kiser, Bill Haynes, Robert Straley  Picture courtesy of Robert Straley for NPC National Picture Company

Although not a member of the Original four WHB, Bill "Willy" Haynes came down from Georiga, risking his job as a correctional officer and his pension because he felt it necessary to speak about the way Florida treated him as a teenager. He suffered two brutal beatings of 60+ lashes within 48 hrs of each other.

The White House Boys

Bill, Dick, Robert & Roger wait their turn to speak. Michael was at the podium.


Roger Kiser had tried to do something about the Dozier/Marianna story years before we all ever came along. Without him and his one page website none of us would have ever met, the story would have never happened and there would be no webpages, no organizations, nothing. We should all never forget the one person who made this all possible.

Roger's Books may be found here:    CLICK THIS LINK

1989-1990 Many of the stories Roger Kiser had written about his abuse at the Florida School for Boys had been posted on his web site
titled “The Sad (American) Orphan” (Yahoo, then called “Geocities”) which had been in existence since 1989-1990.  

Roger wrote letters to the Governor's office to inform them of the abuse that took place at FSB. What he received was two letters of
apology.   CLICK THIS LINK

Roger's Original Angelfire Site years before we first met:   CLICK THIS LINK

In late 1999 or early 2000 Roger joined a web site called “” When filling out the application it asked him to submit his
high school’s name. Never having completed high school, he decided to put in “Florida Industrial School for Boys at Marianna" where
he had attended some high school classes. Several weeks later he received notifications that several other men had also signed up
under that same school name. He then began corresponding with several of the men. Shortly thereafter, Roger began categorizing the
stories in various sections on the site and later began building a White House Boys web page which later Roger turned into the White
House Boys’ web site he now owns and manages today. This is:

For the entire story of how we met go here:

Taking The Story To Press in 2007 Original 4 WHB Timeline